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Digital Marketing

Enhance Digital Marketing

Harcourts provide an affodable yet unique and technologically advanced system for online advertising that ensures the right buyers are seeing your property on leading websites.


Be Noticed


Animated Ads that showcase multiple photos of your property

  • Targets people aged 25+ living in and around your suburb
  • Targets peopel who have been attending open for inspections in your suburb, both in real time and after
  • Targets those that have looked at properties for sale on the Harcourts website
  • Ads are shown across a huge range of approved websites, including a vast majority of major publishers (eg. news.com.au, nine.com.au, Yahoo7, Gumtree, Accuweather, ASX, etc)
  • Ads are served based on reaching the right person, rather than placing the ad on a particular website.