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Property Management

What we do...

This simple statement covers an often  challenging and complicated process.  Of course the care of your property  and optimising your return is what’s important – and Harcourts utilises some  unique strengths to accomplish this.


We ensure our people consistently  operate above and beyond our competitors. It’s a precise service-  based mindset that only the best property management practitioners  can deliver consistently.


We use sophisticated systems and  technology to make certain your property can gain massive exposure.  Our comprehensive databases enable  us to match tenants with properties. We connect with your audience of  potential tenants. In our media-saturated society the average  consumer is bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages  every day. Your investment property  needs to stand out. Harcourts have redefined the role of property management within the real estate  office – from a back office activity to  an expert streamlined, systemised,  customer focused machine that today’s market requires. Before this machine is activated,  we determine achievable rent, and  specifically tailor marketing and letting techniques. No two properties  are the same – so each marketing  and letting proposal must be considered individually. We then move  seamlessly into the ongoing care and  management of your investment asset.


What to expect when you meet with your property manager

With your permission, when we meet  we’d like to: 

  • Tour your property to enable us  to take detailed notes and make  a reliable and accurate rental assessment.
  • Discuss your needs and expectations  and determine how we can help.
  • Answer questions you may have about Harcourts, the service we will  provide and any other real estate matters.
  • Provide you with accurate market  research and discuss a suitable marketing programme to attract and  secure the most suitable tenant.
  • Enquire about recent maintenance  of the property, any current warranties which may apply and  your current insurance cover.
  • Walk you through our Management  Agreement and discuss our working  partnership.

Why us?

Consider this....


We are specialists in Property  Management, our people are  dedicated professionals.


Our business philosophy is based on  “creating success” and four specific  values that are communicated  throughout the organisation.


People first

Doing the right thing

Being courageous

Fun and laughter.

  • Our local knowledge is backed by  our global strength.
  • We promote a company wide focus on  the delivery of exceptional customer  service.
  • Our Harcourts Academy researches  and provides expert training and  coaching for our Property Managers  who continue to remain at the  forefront of Property Management  legislative changes.
  • Our offices are supported by a team  of Property Management Operations
  • Managers who are experts in their field  and whose sole role is to support,  train, problem solve and keep up to  date with the latest innovations in the  world of Property Management.
  • We are at the forefront of Property  Management technology. Our  Property Managers enjoy a mix of  mobile and web based products for  seamless management of the many  administrative processes required.
  • We accelerate the renting of your  property to the right tenant through  our focussed marketing and tenant  screening procedures.
  • We maximise your investment by  optimising your return.
  • We guarantee that we will proactively  communicate with you on all matters  relating to your property.
  • We offer a wide range of value added  services to further enhance your  investment.
  • Industry leading systems and  procedures and our philosophy of  continuing innovation ensures you  and your property are in the best  hands.